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PIKA functions

PIKA is a system developed by Arguz Digitalización, which allows and guarantees the control and supervision of the digitization process in real time and remotely.

Manage one or several projects simultaneously.

Supervises and admits the different projects managed by PIKA

Review of newly digitized images.


Control panel

The control panel is for the client, in it, the progress we have in each of the deliveries and stages is recorded online.


The project you want to visualize is selected.


According to the number of deliveries that are made by the client, they are displayed in this option.

Quantities per stage

The information of the processed documents is displayed and it indicates the project, the delivery, the stage and documents delivered by the client.

Advance by stage

It gives us information about each of the stages in which the documents are processed.


It gives us information about the number of boxes that are held for each stage of the documents that have been delivered.

receipt of records

It gives us information of the documents received by each stage, at the same time, it indicates the percentage of progress that is had in each of the stages.

processed records

In this report, it indicates by type of project, the number of documents received, digitized pages and in this case documents imported into the document control system.

box report

It gives us the report by lot, box, validated documents and the processed pages.

Administration module

This module allows us to register the Projects, Roles, Employees, Lots and Documents by lot, each of these modules are described below.


It is the name assigned to the project.


The roles that are going to be used in this project are assigned.


Employees are registered and assigned to the project, each employee is assigned a bar code that serves to record the tasks of each one.


The projects are divided into deliveries or lots. The type of batch to be digitized is recorded.

Operation module

The operation module allows us to monitor the operation of the project.

Batch processing

This section describes the workflow in stages, for this the project must be selected, followed by the batch and the stage.

Current activity

The tasks in execution are shown and you can know what process you are in and what employee is assigned to it.

Search for Boxes

In this phase, it is used to find a box and see what state it has and at what stage it is.


The lots that are held are displayed, for their modification or they can even be registered during the term of the contract.


In this section, the metadata of the templates are uploaded to the repository.

Quality module

In this module, we will carry out the review of the images, which consists of verifying the data obtained from the digital image, validating that the images are a faithful copy of the original document.

Installation and local configuration

  • Quality module
  • Access to shared folders
  • Copy of DLLS
  • User and password PIKA

project data

  • Project's name
  • Stage of the project
  • Lot
  • Type of box
  • Box
  • Cash code


There are several benefits with PIKA, since it is a production software for the digitalization processes, you will see the optimization and improvement in the processes.

PIKA is a system developed by Arguz Digitalización, which allows and guarantees the control and supervision of the digitization process in real time and remotely.


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