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Production software for digitization process

PIKA is a production control system for real-time scanning service bureaus, hosted in the cloud for easy access.

How it works

In this section you will see the process of the following stages:

Administration and configuration

Project registration - Staff accounts - Lots- Metadata - Types of records


Order of service - Reception - Preparation - Labels - Digitization - Quality control - Indexing - Arming - Delivery.

Control panel

Progress of the project - Production in real time - Performance of personnel.

Digitalization Process

Report Generator

PIKA, can generate several reports in order to have quality control in real time, within the process of digtalization.

  • Control panel
  • Project progress
  • Box reports
  • Staff performance
  • Advance in batches
  • Search for records
  • Detail of boxes

How PIKA works

Administration module

Manage projects completely independently of each other, with the ability to share resources

Operation module

Project leaders, supervisors and operators will be able to record all the elements that enter and leave any stage of the digitization process.

Quality module

This module allows us to rename files, rotate images, separate or join files, etc.

PIKA is a system developed by Arguz Digitalización, which allows and guarantees the control and supervision of the digitization process in real time and remotely.


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